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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - FEBRUARY 26: Recording artist Billy Joel talks to the audience as he performs at Allegiant Stadium on February 26, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

I’m one of those people that are jam packed with positive-thinking, phrases and quotes. If you have a problem, I have a quote that can fix it. So much so, I start each day with a mug from a positive memory. Yes, you must see these mugs. Starting my day with coffee is a must. So if it’s going into my body, first thing each morning, I want to come from a positive place, to start my positive day. Does that mean I don’t have bad days? Of course not. But, starting with the positive routine, shaves off the edges a bit. It works for me, as weird as it sounds.

A Life In Pictures

This ritual started many years ago, thanks to Heidi, my wife. Heidi (at first, annoying) started to document every important moment in our life, starting when we first met in 2001, with a picture. No matter where we were, or when, we had to stop to capture the moment on digital film. At first, I would become annoyed. “We just got here, can’t I have a minute to take it in?” But after awhile, the life documentation began to work for me. She knew that one day having these pictures would come in handy. Example: It’s Jon Bon Jovi’s birthday. I get a text reminder from H, “hey…do you have this to post on social?” Yes, it’s a pic of me with Jon Bon Jovi. This Halloween, right on time, I’ll get the text pic from our trip to Salem.

The Mug Collection

Shortly after the Life-In-Pictures, process began, Heidi added her brand extention, if you will and began surprising me with a mug, to commemorate a fun memory. So, if you want to start your positive routine each morning, below, you must see these mugs. Maybe the next new positive mug you see will be a pic of me on a treadmill.

  • Richard Dreyfuss "Jaws" Mug

    We met at a Comic Con. This is our Jaws Mug. He was awesome to talk to!

    Jaybeau and Richard Dreyfuss

  • 6th Anniversary Mug

    As a gift, I brought back our wedding photographer for our 6th wedding anniversary to take some photos at the Public House in Sturbridge, where we were supposed to get married. That’s another story for another time.


  • Griswalds Mug

    We met the cast of “Christmas Vacation.” Heidi came up with the scarves idea. This is a famous story where Heidi thanked “Chevy” (like SHH-evy.) Mr. Chase abruptly replied “IT’s CHEVY” (like CH.) Beverly D’Angelo comforted Heidi saying “it’s ok…no worries sweety.”

    Griswalds Mug


  • Coffee With Dad

    Much cooler than me, this is Dad on his horse Chief. It’s a great way to start my day.

  • Rhode Broadcasters Hall Of Fame Mug

    I was honored to be inducted into the Rhode Island Broadcasters Hall Of Fame back in 2017. Heidi surprised me with this cool mug. To win this award is very special to me, as I got my first full-time on air job there. I am still good friends with many of my original co-workers from those days.


  • Heidi West Voice Over Mug

    I made this for Heidi on her birthday right after she was signed with her voice over talent agency. Next time you head into Stop and Shop, the female voice you hear on the speakers selling produce, is Heidi.

  • Fathers Day Mug

    From a LONG time ago, this mug one of my first Father’s Day gifts, from my kids Matt and Jordan. 


  • Halloween In Salem Mug

    This was a fun trip to Salem in October of last year! We retraced all of the locations of the movie Hocus Pocus.