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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 29: Mila Kunis and Chiara Aurelia attend the Luckiest Girl Alive NYC Premiere at Paris Theater on September 29, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Netflix)

Caution! Spoiler Alert! The new Mila Kunis movie Luckiest Girl Alive on Netflix is getting attention. But not the attention a new movie may need. This Mila Kunis movie needs a trigger warning.

After watching it over the weekend, we came away a little shocked.

Luckiest Girl Alive

It starts out like a Hallmark movie. Kunis plays a talented and up and coming, big city, go getter-journalist, trying to overcome her private high school day insecurities, in adult life. Her fiance is the typical Hallmark like dude with great hair, rich family and a great future. Is he really right for our heroine? Do you see where this is going?  Like many worst to first stories, this movie starts out using a popular movie making tactic, with the audience hearing the character’s every thought.

Then, the movie takes a stunning twist: the movie turns very violent, FAST. It turns out that Luckiest Girl Alive shares the traumatic life of the character experiencing a high school rape AND a high school shooting, IN THE SAME MOVIE.

Trigger Warning Needed

Turns out viewers agree that this Mila Kunis movie needs a warning. The Today Show website shares:

Netflix briefly mentions scenes of “sexual violence” and “threat” in its pre-screening disclaimer, but critics are saying the warnings are not enough to prepare some viewers for depictions of a school shooting and a gang rape.

“I was bamboozled by Netflix’s description of luckiest girl alive,” one person tweeted. “No trigger warning no heads up no nothing.”

“Hey @netflix a content warning would have been nice!!! Graphic sexual assault and school shooting in this movie and there was no content warning or anything at all?? That’s messed up,” another person wrote in a tweet.

I do feel that the movie effectively captures the real life pain and suffering that a rape victim, and a school shooting victim may go through. I also believe movies like this should be shown as a message. If this, god forbid happened to my daughter, I would very much want her to speak up.  But, I agree that clear warnings should be shown at the beginning.

So, take a look below and see the many that are fine with the way the movie was presented and those that feel a warning is needed.

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