BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 30: Fans of the Boston Red Sox react to a play at Copperfield's Bar during Game Six of the MLB World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals on October 30, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images)

If you live in Massachusetts, chances are you’re a drunk who eats clam chowder all day. This of course according to stereotypes given to people who live in Massachusetts. Buzzfeed recently did a survey about the worst U.S. stereotypes and “drunk” and “clam chowder eating” were just two of the stereotypes people outside of the state have given us. There are others but we’ll dive into those in a bit. The thread was posted on Reddit from user George Villiers who asked people to post their stereotypes for people in each state. Now after doing a little more research, there have been several surveys done about stereotypes according to states. Here in Massachusetts we are also considered die hard sports fans (DUH) who have “awful” accents. So? What’s the problem here? Not sure any person from Massachusetts would deny those facts. After doing even more research I found the word “liberal” and “rich” is used frequently to describe people from Massachusetts. Not sure where the rich comes from but I’m assuming it could be because the cost of living here is out of this world. Oh, and we are also described as rude people. Regardless if we agree or not, it’s really not up to us to decide. Stereotypes are given to us from people outside of the state so we really can’t argue what others think of us. Below, we will mention not only the Massachusetts stereotypes, but those of other New England states and beyond. The only way we can change the perception of how others see us, is to just be nicer. But the accent, sports loving characteristics I have to say will never change. These are things most “Massholes” are proud of.

If there any other stereotypes you’d like to add to this list, let us know.

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