It means something to be named one of the most charming cities in America. I feel like it’s the land-mass-equivalent of an actor being named as a finalist to play James Bond. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi that comes along with it. TheTravel is out with it’s 10 Most Charming Towns in America list for 2023 and it’s a pretty good look for New England. Approximately 4.5% of the U.S. population is in New England yet we account for 30% of this list. I’d consider that a big win.

TheTravel urges you to throw all 10 of these towns on your travel bucket list. So bookmark this article for future travel-planning-reference and let’s get going with the 10 Most Charming Towns in America!

Before we start, TRIVIA QUESTION: On which holiday are the most babies conceived in Massachusetts? Think, think, think, then see if you’re right RIGHT HERE!

  • Most Charming Towns - #10


    The beautiful architecture, charming streets, rich history, delish food, and abundant arts and culture scene make Charleston quite charming.

  • Most Charming Towns - #9


    My family just visited Savannah for the first time this year and woah! If I wasn’t New England to the core we’d consider moving to Savannah. The funky buildings, the water views, the arts and vibe all add to the charm.

  • Most Charming Towns - #8


    Insane mountain views, loads of outdoor fun awaits, and lots of vibrant art and culture too!

  • Most Charming Towns - #7


    The historic mansions, gorgeous beaches, and sailing heritage all help make Newport one of the most beautiful small towns in America.

  • Most Charming Towns - #6


    Charming for it’s natural beauty, art galleries, and European-style architecture. I’ve never been here but it’s now on my bucket list!

  • Most Charming Towns - #5


    I think it’s all about the blueberry muffins. Kidding! But they are insanely freaking good. Here’s a good recipe to make them in your own kitchen!

  • Most Charming Towns - #4


    Their big three of charm: beautiful architecture, museums, and stunning beaches. St. Augustine sure is a charmer!

  • Most Charming Towns - #3


    Acadia National Park is enough to charm you into coming back again and again and again.

  • Most Charming Towns - #2


    This place literally looks like a movie set. Old West style row buildings with one of the most insane mountain views as a backdrop.

  • Most Charming Towns - #1


    Mackinac Island is a stunning island in Lake Huron (one of the 5 Great Lakes – Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario, and Erie – sorry, just felt like testing myself to see if I still knew them all) known for its picturesque views, rich history, and outdoor activities. It, according to TheTravel is THE Most Charming Town in the United States. If you didn’t know, now you know. Me too, it’s going on the bucket list.

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