Have you noticed the amount of drones in the air everywhere? I feel like every time my family goes out to a cool, local event we’re bound to see a drone or 30 in the space above our heads. Sometimes it really makes me worry. Like, did I just pick a wedgie and that stupid drone caught a close up? Am I already famous online for being the wedge-picking-dweeb on Youtube?? Ahhhhhhhh.

Ok. That was dramatic. But there are more and more drones popping up in our airspaces in Massachusetts and a new study has confirmed that when it comes to drones, Massachusetts has the most toys in the Northeast.

George Mason University’s Brent Skorup ranked all 50 states on their “preparedness for commercial drone services.” Each state was scored on the following 6 factors:

Airspace lease law (30 points), Avigation easement law (25 points), Task force or program office (20 points), Law vesting landowners with air rights (10 points), Sandbox (10 points): “sandbox” refers to a designated place to test new technologies. A drone sandbox gives early-stage companies the opportunity to show proof of concept to investors and regulators. Finally, Jobs estimate (5 points).

So what states are most prepared for commercial drone services? Arkansas leads the pack at #1, they’re totally ready for drones to fly their friendly skies delivering things here and there and everywhere. They crushed the rest of the US with an overall score of 90. In contrast, Rhode Island is LEAST prepared in the US, coming in tied for last with a score of a whopping 1. Ouch. Oh, and they’re tied for last with Nebraska and Mississippi.

Massachusetts scores highest in New England… and the Northeast in general. I’ll give you the Top 10 below. And soon I’ll give you the Top 10, handed directly to you by some freaky hard-working drone.

Check out all of the data from George Mason University’s study RIGHT HERE.

  • Top "Drone-Ready" States - #1

    Overall Score: 90

  • Top "Drone-Ready" States - #2

    Overall Score: 74

  • Top "Drone-Ready" States - #3

    North Dakota
    Overall Score: 70

  • Top "Drone-Ready" States - #4 (tie)

    Overall Score: 68

  • Top "Drone-Ready" States - #4 (tie)

    Overall Score: 68

  • Top "Drone-Ready" States - #4 (tie)

    North Carolina
    Overall Score: 68

  • Top "Drone-Ready" States - #7

    Overall Score: 66

  • Top "Drone-Ready" States - #8 (tie)

    Overall Score: 59

  • Top "Drone-Ready" States - #8 (tie)

    Overall Score: 59

  • Top "Drone-Ready" States - #10

    New Jersey
    Overall Score: 58

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