People like to goof on the Boston/Massachusetts accent. People love to talk about how our town names are unpronounceable to outsiders. Forget about the accent and pronunciations – we have some downright weird town names in Massachusetts!

Some of them have just become normal to us (hi Braintree!) and some I didn’t actually believe even existed until I sought them out on a map. Now I am the judge and jury and these are the definitive Top 20 Most Bizarre Town Names in Massachusetts.

  • #20 - Worcester

    Let’s start with an obvious one. How Worcester is pronounced the way it is defies English class. I’m fairly certain whoever named it just listed off some letters they could remember and it stuck. Someone will correct me like I actually believe in real life what I just typed and that’s ok, it’s still #20.

  • #19 - Seekonk

    Normal to us? Yes. To everybody else in the U.S. Seekonk is just a Hanna Barbera sound effect.

  • #18 - Sandwich

    I lived here for a few years and took great pride in telling people I lived in Sandwich. Fun fact: at that time there was no real good sandwich shop there.

  • #17 - Buzzards Bay

    Tourists stay far from here because “those buzzards, they be swoopin’!” Scary.

  • #16 - Peabody

    If you call it “Pea body” you either are visiting or just moved here and probably haven’t even mastered spelling the new state you live in so we’ll give you the Peabody Pass.

  • #15 - Marblehead

    No, the residents there don’t have tiny round little heads. But the King of the town of Marblehead does! Huzzah!

  • #14 - Weweantic

    Then… after the person named Worcester they spit out some more random letters they could remember and “Weweantic” was born. And isn’t that what toddlers do while you’re trying to potty train them? “Stop with the wee wee antics and just pee on the Cheerio already!”

  • #13 - Happy Hills

    This sounds like the trippiest place ever. I will never go there. I don’t trust that level of happy.

  • #12 - Five Pound Island

    A bag of flour weighs about 5 pounds. That must be a tiiiiinnnnnyyyy island inhabited by Smurfs.

  • #11 - Braintree

    So normal to us but think about how bizarre that name is – a brain tree?!? Ewww.

  • #10 - New Braintree

    However people loved it so much it got a sequel! Even more strange – the two are almost 2 hours apart!

  • #9 - No Man's Land

    Obviously this is the Old West of Massachusetts? I hope it’s marked on the state map with a giant X and that all landmarks are marked by how many paces away they are.

  • #8 - Tinkertown

    I feel like I watched 3 seasons of this show on Nick Jr. while my girls were growing up – but no – it’s an actual town in Massachusetts. It sounds like a hoot. (It’s actually just a neighborhood in Duxbury, MA so calling it a town is a bit of a stretch. Stop fact-checking me!)

  • #7 - Egypt

    Cruel joke: tell your family you’re taking a family trip to Egypt. They’ll end up excited though – Egypt, MA has a country store!

  • #6 - Florida

    See Egypt. But where Mickey ears while delivering the news —–> Florida, MA!

  • #5 - Wyoming

    Don’t tell the family it’s a vacation to Wyoming though. “Ummm… why are we going there?” Backfire.

  • #4 - Cow Yard

    I grew up in Vermont. I feel it’ll be full-circle if I end up here.

  • #3 - Dingley Dell

    I just decided this is my new replacement for swear words. “Who in the Dingley Dell are you??”

  • #2 - The X

    It’s a neighborhood in Springfield, MA. I imagine it’s full of skate and snowboarders and old significant others.

  • #1 - Quincy

    Sooooooooo weird. Just kidding, I just wanted to give you an anti-climactic finish. Also, I just found out the town name I had at #1 was fake. Joke’s on me.

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