What is Massachusetts favorite meat, side, dessert, and sauce while BBQ’ing or cooking out? That’s why you’re here and that’s the info we’re about to divulge to help make you the BBQ champ of your hood.

And who do we trust with getting us this reliable info? Oh, Mosquito Joe of course! Why does a company that specializes in ridding your backyard of skeeters have the authoritative voice in Massachusetts BBQ’ing? Stop questioning reason and let’s just get to the grub! (Also, I don’t necessarily agree with their findings but we’ll get to that below. Please chime in as well and let me know if you agree or disagree with their picks for Mass.)

Mosquito Joe (geez, even that name makes me itchy) used Google Trends data from the summer of 2022 to comprise their data. They broke down each of the 50 states favorite BBQ meat, side, dessert, and sauce. When you combine all 50 states you get a good picture of America’s favorite BBQ plate. It includes: a burger (winning 17 states), fries on the side (at a BBQ? But it won 19 states), a brownie for dessert (it won in 19 states), and the sauce of choice is Buffalo (it won in 16 states). Massachusetts matches 1 of those 4 popular choices. Do you have your favorites picked? Do you have guesses for winners in Massachusetts? Do you want me to just stop asking so many dang questions?

Ok I will. I’ll trade the questions for hard data – from the reliable BBQ people at…. Mosquito Joes. God I hope there’s no deet in the BBQ sauce.

Here they come! Massachusetts Favorite BBQ Meat, Side, Dessert, & Sauce to Help Make Your Next Cookout Perfect. And if you take these picks and serve them at your next cookout and the crowd doesn’t shower you in admiration…….. direct your complaints to the mosquito guy. Kidding! I love their list and you can check out all of their results stae-by-state RIGHT HERE!


    Massachusetts favorite BBQ/cookout meat is BBQ CHICKEN.

    Massachusetts favorite BBQ foods

    Reaction: Hmmm… I have no problem with this one. I love BBQ chicken. But you really have to trust who’s cooking it because nothing is worse than undercooked chicken (yikes!). That’ll have you eating way more….


    Massachusetts favorite BBQ/cookout side is WATERMELON.

    Massachusetts favorite BBQ foods

    Reaction: Hell yeah! But it better be a GREAT piece of watermelon! Give me a mealy piece and I’ll be begging for potato salad instead! And if that chicken is undercooked, you better eat a TON of watermelon to fill you up!


    Massachusetts favorite BBQ/cookout side is a BROWNIE.

    Massachusetts favorite BBQ foods

    Reaction: I’m spoiled to have a wife who loves to make delicious home-baked desserts so I’m having whatever she’s cookin’! But brownies rule so high five, Massachusetts!


    Massachusetts favorite BBQ/cookout sauce is CAROLINA GOLD.

    Reaction: Ummmm, whaaaa?? Nothing against Carolina Gold BBQ sauce, I love it actually. But I see way, way, waaaaayyyyy more RED BBQ sauce wherever I go. This seems like a straight up miss.


    We have a whooooooollle other article for that. Check it out RIGHT HERE. And don’t forget your wet naps.

    Massachusetts favorite BBQ foods

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