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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Fly the noisy skies!

We have all been on a flight with at least one or two screaming children or babies, but none of us have ever lost it like this guy did. After listening to a baby crying non stop for almost 45 minutes he couldn’t take anymore and lost his mind and almost his future ability to fly anywhere.

He couldn’t take the sound anymore and finally went off so much that other passengers filmed his meltdown as the flight attendants did their best to calm him down. His wife looks as though she has seen this movie one too many times and remains silent but very much over the situation and perhaps his sky high temper.

When the flight landed in Orlando he was met by the local police and what appears to be FAA police, you can see him pleading his case arguing that they should be talking to the baby’s parents and not him

As of now, we do not know his name or the outcome of his histrionics, we will stay tuned, but my guess is this will all boil over and cooler heads will prevail. For him however, he needs to learn a thing or two about flying in the modern world.



What could he have done differently?

It’s too late for this gentleman, but perhaps we can all learn from his experience and be better prepared for when are going to be onboard a flying tin can as he was heard screaming.



  • 1. Talk to the Flight Attendant

    Our flyer should have asked the nearest flight attendant to intervene on his behalf if not for any other reason then to let the mother of the crying baby know that some other passengers were getting frustrated and could she perhaps try something else to soothe the baby?

    SS Lazio Travel To Brugge

    . (Photo by Giampiero Sposito/Getty Images)

  • 2. C.B.D. Calming edibles

    If you can’t calm the baby, maybe he could have calmed himself. Of course if he didn’t have any with him he can always try it next time especially if you know that you are by nature not someone that deals well with loud screaming babies. I’m sure your local dispensary can help you choose the right one for your tolerance level.

  • 3. Ambien

    If you’re not comfortable with the edibles perhaps the best thing for you is a good nap, if you can’t sleep on the plane maybe your doctor can prescribe something like Ambien to knock you out for a spell. Nothing better than a nice snooze on the flight and waking up just in time at your destination.


  • 4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Don’t go cheap on the headphones or ear buds, get really good noise cancelling ones that you blocks out all the ambient sounds. I prefer the type that cover your entire ears, they work better than most earbuds and the sound is much better. Remember to not go cheap, get a good set and you won’t regret it, trust me.


  • 5. Move your seat!

    If all else fails it’s time to ask your flight attendant to move you. If the plane is not full it shouldn’t be a problem for them to find another seat. Of course, you can’t be picky with what the find for you, it probably won’t be in First Class, but I would sit in a middle seat in the very back of the plane to keep my sanity. And if you still can hear the baby, just crank your headphones to eleven!

    plane seat

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