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We all have song lyrics you thought said this, but said THIS. We never get the song lyrics right.

So finally, I’m here to clear it up for you.

I have come up with a list of songs, with the correct lyrics.

This one cracks me up!

It’s not: hold me close, Tony Danza…..

It’s Elton John‘s Tiny Dancer


  • I'd Really Love To See You Tonight-England Dan & John Ford Coley

    England Dan and John Ford Coley

    My wife thought I’m Not Talkin Bout Movin In, was I’m Not Talkin Bout The Weather….

  • Rolling Stones-Beast Of Burden

    Rolling Stones-Beast Of Burden

    I’ll Never Be Your Pizza Burning: NO

    It’s I’ll Never Be Your Beast Of Burden: YES!

  • Bon Jovi-Livin On A Prayer

    Bon Jovi‘s, Livin’ On A Prayer

    It Doesn’t Make a Difference If We’re Naked Or Not: NO

    It Doesn’t Make a Difference If We Make It Or Not: YES!


  • Betty Davis Eyes-Kim Carnes

    Kim CarnesBetty Davis Eyes

    She’s Got Better Days Aside: NO

    She’s Got Betty Davis Eyes: YES!

  • Steve Winwood-Higher Love

    Steve WinwoodHigher Love

    Bake Me A Pie Of Love: NO

    Bring Me A Higher Love: YES!

  • AC-DC-Dirty Deeds

    AC-DCDirty Deeds

    Dirty Jeans, Dungarees: NO

    Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap: YES!

  • CCR-Bad Moon Rising

    Creedence Clear Water RevivalBad Moon Rising

    There’s a Bathroom On The Right: NO

    There’s a Bad Moon On The Rise: YES!

  • Toto-Africa

    Toto‘s Africa

    I Catch The Waves Of The Apricot: NO

    I Catch The Rains Down In Africa: YES!