Jimmy Buffett fans react to his death with nothing but beach-bum love. One Massachusetts fan said on WCVB: “Leave it to Jimmy to pass away on a three day weekend, to have an extra day in Margaritaville.”

Not a bad thing has even been said of Jimmy Buffett. Bob Seger said: “Sunshine personified. I’ve never met a human being that didn’t like him.” That’s hard to find in show business.

KTLA Los Angeles entertainment reporter Sam Rubin said it best:

There’s a lot more to Jimmy Buffett than just Margaritaville. Extraordinary success amplifies who you really are. If you’re a nice guy like Jimmy Buffett was, it amplifies what a nice guy he was. 

It’s the true, the takeaway to Jimmy’s death are in the tributes pouring in. From the biggest movie and TV stars, the biggest music stars, entertainment CEO’s, former presidents, and athletes, they all agree. Jimmy was the real deal. He was simply a nice guy.

Jimmy SHOCKED Rhode Island

Why was Jimmy such a nice guy?

It was a quiet weekend afternoon on the water in beautiful Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Then out of nowhere, the iconic Jimmy Buffett SHOCKS Rhode Island. 

It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere

It really was. Imagine this: on a July weekend, (it was LAST July) you and some friends are enjoying a relaxing cocktail at the cozy Sunset Cove Restaurant in lovely Portsmouth Rhode Island. On the intimate by-the-water stage, is an artist named Mac McAnally. He jumps in to a familiar, favorite song. It was one that almost everyone knows. It was It’s Five O’clock Somewhere, a song made well known by Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson. As Mac was performing the song, he sang the familiar lyric:

….At a moment like this, I can’t help but wonder what would JIMMY BUFFETT DO?

At that exact moment, before a stunned concert crowd, OUT WALKS JIMMY BUFFETT, to continue singing HIS SONG!!! As you can imagine, people in the audience were pinching themselves, wondering if they had TOO MUCH TO DRINK! How can it be? Jimmy Buffett, TEN FEET AWAY? It was true!

What you may or may not know, is that Mac McAnally is a long time member of Jimmy’s band, The Coral Reefers. Since May of this year, Jimmy has been resting, in all sorts of places, after a surprise routine visit to his doctor here in Boston, pulled him OFF the road.

The Behind The Scenes

The July holiday weekend found Jimmy resting in Long Island. Reportedly, Jimmy has a place in Sag Harbor. So, when he heard about his pal Mac, playing across Long Island Sound, what did he do? Jimmy, a licensed pilot, hopped into his plane, and piloted, himself to Rhode Island, landing in Newport. He called Mac ahead of time to arrange for someone to pick him up at the Newport airport. It gets better. Mac’s driver dropped off Jimmy at a nearby boat marina, so Jimmy could secretly boat to the on-the water stage of the Sunset Cove Restaurant. This way, he was already BACKSTAGE at the venue without being noticed! Pure showbiz! Everything went perfect! After Jimmy’s appearance, he flew himself, back home, leaving Rhode Island SHOCKED!

As we see how Jimmy Buffett fans react to his death, one thing is clear, he will be remembered, as not just an music icon, business mogul, best selling author. All of that maybe trumped. He maybe remembered as being a nice guy. Isn’t that the most important way to go? Jimmy, we are toasting you, this long three day weekend. Leave it to you to make sure we remember you, on a three day party weekend, wasting away in Margaritaville.

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