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My dinner with parody king, Weird Al, was not weird at all. Sure, he wore the Hawaiian shirt. He had the 1980’s hair, but he was anything but weird.

Jaybeau Weird Al Dinner

Why would I be having dinner with the iconic Weird Al Yankovic? You got two hours. No, you don’t. To make a long story short, we can thank Simon LeBon of Duran Duran. My 1990’s Hartford radio station hired Duran Duran to do a major concert for us. An HOUR before the show was to start, the show manager sat me down back stage to say: The show is cancelled. Simon is not here. He is at a doctor in New York getting medicine for a torn vocal cord. So your pal Jaybeau had to go on the air to announce this to the audience: Turn around and go home. Simon is sick. Stay tuned for the rescheduled date.  

Thankfully, it all worked out, with Duran Duran keeping their promise to do that show. But to make that new show sizzle and sound fun AGAIN, we had to add a weird twist. You guessed it. We brought in opening act Weird Al. 

Not Weird At All

As mentioned about, my dinner with Weird Al was not weird at all. Yes, his appearance was very Weird Al. It was like his videos: the signature Hawaiian shirt, round glasses and crimped, long 80’s hair. 

But during our conversation at dinner, he was oddly subdued. The TV wacky Weird Al was replaced by a quiet, interested, intelligent, Al. He was asking ME questions about my station. Al asked me how the response to the new version of the concert promotion was going. He seemed oddly plugged in to what was going on with the station and the current state of music during that time. Al was extremely polite, real and amusing. He did not come off like someone who has an approval from Michael Jackson to cover his songs. I felt like I was having my dinner with a smart businessman. Well, I was.

Weird Al Movie and Concert

The Weird Al movie, if you haven’t heard is coming out in November on Ruku, starring Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliff as Al. You can see Weird Al LIVE at Indian Ranch in Webster this Friday!

Thanks Weird Al, for being part of the weird soundtrack of our 1980’s life. Take a look at Al’s amazing music parody ride below.

  • American Pie-Star Wars Parody

    This AMAZING song, parodies Don McClean’s American Pie. Unlike most of Al’s 1980’s songs, this came out in 1999. It’s called The Saga Begins.

  • Eat It-Parody of Michael Jackson's BEAT IT

  • Fat-Parody Of Michael Jackson's BAD

  • My Bologna-Parody of The Knack's MY SHARONA

  • I Lost On Jeopardy-Parody of Greg Kihn's JEOPARDY

  • Amish Paradise Parody-Gangsta's Paradise-Coolio

  • Like a Surgeon-Parody of Madonna's LIKE A VIRGIN


  • I Love Rocky Road Parody-Joan Jett's I LOVE ROCK n ROLL