Has it been almost 2 years? Yup. According to NBC Boston, the last time we saw significant snow (4 inches or more) in the Boston area was February 25th, 2022. At that time, most of us got 6-8 inches of snow. Over the weekend, the news of an impending nor’easter was confirmed. It’s coming, so here are 4 fun things to do on a snow day in New England

Boston Public Schools have already announced no school for tomorrow. They posted on their website the following: “All BPS schools will be closed on Tuesday, February 13, 2024 due to Snow, and we will continue to provide updates to the community as we learn more about the storm.” Expect many cities and towns around Boston to follow.

Endless Possibilities

What to do, what to do when school is cancelled and the kids are home? Or even if you don’t have kids and you can’t make it into work, there are plenty of fun things to do on a snow day. Inside or outside the possibilities seem endless. When I can’t make it into work, my mind immediately goes to home cleaning projects. Let’s erase those thoughts from our minds right now. I mean, come on, it’s been 2 years! We should embrace the beauty and the fun of a snow storm, staying safe at all costs, of course.

There are many, many things to do and play outdoors. Build sculptures in the snow, sled, hike, have a snow ball fight. Indoors, we can take it to the kitchen and get baking. Or get creative with arts and crafts. Dust off the board games, get a round of family-friend poker going. Here, we’ll break down a few of the popular and unusual to give you a little inspiration.

All I can think about is hot cocoa right now. So, maybe it’s time to dig into some ideas. We all know tomorrow it’s coming, so here are 4 fun things to do on a snow day in New England!


  • 1, Take It Outside

    The most obvious choice is to get the kids and yourself outside for fresh air and exercise. The possibilities are endless. For instance you can make snow people! The snow is expected to be on the heavier, wetter side which makes for great snow balls, snow people and snow sculptures. Go sledding, make snow angels. Oh, by the way, I found some great alternatives to sleds, if you can’t find one in your garage (since it’s been a while)! Check out these homemade sled options. You probably have a cookie sheet in your home, or a storage container lid, right? There ya go!

    Snow Day sledding


  • 2, Snow Art

    I don’t know why we never thought of this when I was a kid. What a great way to brighten your day and your yard. Create art in the snow. You can use food coloring mixed with water to spray art into the snow on your property. This sounds fun for all ages. I may have to try it.

  • 3. Make an Obstacle Course

    You can do this one inside or outside! If you wanna stay warm and cozy in your home, use painter’s take to create an obstacle course! If you are outside, use your snow toys, twigs and whatever else you can find to create a course. This sure looks challenging…and fun!

  • 4. Hot Chocolate Bar

    Most of us can find some Nestle’s Quick somewhere in the pantry. Any brand of powdered hot chocolate or liquid works. Heck, you can even melt baker’s chocolate and add some sugar and milk. Think of some toppings you will likely have in the kitchen. How about marshmallows or Marshmallow Fluff. Toffee chips, chocolate chips? Cinnamon is so good on hot chocolate too. Maybe you could find some peppermint candies and crush them up. I found this hot chocolate bar tutorial on TikTok. Bake some cookies, while you are add it and it’s like a sweet-tooth holiday!


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