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It’s National Pizza Party Day, I guess? Turns out it’s cheaper to throw a pizza party in Massachusetts than in most states.


It’s becoming more and more difficult to keep track of all of these “National Days” these days. But sure enough, according to the National Day Calendar, National Pizza Party Day takes place every year on the third Friday in May. Fascinating. So National Pizza Party Day is like Thanksgiving, in that the actual date changes from year-to-year, as opposed to, say, Christmas, which is on a set date. Oh, and please don’t confuse this with National Pizza Day, which takes place on February 9.


I wonder why they went with “the third Friday in May” for this one? The only thing I can think of is that it’s probably the most likely time of year to have a pizza party? Think about it. Mid-May is the time of year when school is winding down, graduation celebrations are ramping up, and a lot of moving-up and moving-on takes place for kids. LOTS of pizza parties going down in mid-May by way of a celebraish. This now makes sense to me. So let’s see how much it’s gonna cost to throw one in the Commonwealth.


It’s Cheaper to Throw a Pizza Party in Massachusetts

Turns out ol’ “Taxachusetts” (my dad loves that one) is a fine place to have a pizza party. Gambling.com, who stays on top of sport betting sites, crunched the numbers on the crust. State-by-state, they measured cost of pizza, cost of beer, cost of Coca-Cola, and cost of potato chips: the standards for any good pizza party. States were given a Party Value Score out of 100, then ranked from least to most affordable. Let’s cut into the Top 10 below and see where Massachusetts slices, er, stacks up.

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