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If a remote control plane lands in YOUR backyard, what do you do? Is this YOUR plane? Should we find the owner? What would you do? Knock door to door?

What Is That Beeping Sound?

So my wife Heidi, (who has bionic hearing) says to me “do you hear beeping in the backyard?” Of course I did not. I’m the husband that never hears noises in the middle of the night either. So I was dispatched outside to find this mysterious beep. Believing Heidi was once again, like the middle of the night, hearing things, I did not find it. Convinced SHE heard something, my wife took on the search. Sure enough, she found the beep. Heidi’s cat like senses discovered a remote control plane STUCK IN OUR TREE!


Of course the first thing that comes to mind: is this a DRONE, with a camera? I was not worried, as we are too dull for anyone to spy on us. After a few days, the beeping stopped, and it fell out of the tree into our yard. We inspected this object and discovered it was not a drone and it didn’t feature a camera.

After further inspection we see that the brand is from Hobby Zone, with the model called Aeroscout. 

Door To Door?

Now what do we do? We went on the Facebook community looking for the owner and got no response, so far. A friend recommended we go to a local park and put up flyers. We could knock on doors with the plane. But, with Covid, are we a door to door society these days? Certainly, I won’t let Covid scare away the freedoms that I have come to love. But I feel for others that may be concerned to answer their door to a stranger.

Well, maybe this blog will help. If you or someone you know, knows the owner of this cool plane, email me here at jjones@wror.com Below are pictures, and some other drone fails, you may want to see!



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    Sometimes the internet can be such a gift. Who has the time to make this. I don’t care and I thank you.

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