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When you find GREAT Eagle cover songs, you’ve got to pause and say WAIT ONE minute, really…?

Few iconic bands should be covered, in my opinion. If it’s not broken, why fix it, I always say.

So when I recently found this list of five Eagle’s cover songs, I immediately listened, and found that I could be wrong. It’s possible to find an iconic artist or two, to honor one of the greatest bands of all time, The Eagles. Wait, that’s it!

What if these cover songs, are actually, a tribute? I can accept that. Before we take a listen, I must share a brief story about the genius of Don Henley.

Don Henley LIVE Is As Good As The Record

One of the most disappointing aspects of LIVE performances, is that the artist, performing his or her song LIVE, may not live up the original recording, that we have heard over and over again, on our favorite radio station. 

We buy the tickets, plan the night out, drive to the venue and then BOOM. What happened? They sound different.

This is not the case with Don Henley. Flash back to the 1990’s. I was invited to Los Angeles for a special intimate performance featuring Don Henley, in front of about 100 people. It was at the legendary A & M Record Studios in Los Angeles. Today, it’s the home of Jim Henson Productions, of course, the creators of The Muppets. 

The event was a swanky Hollywood event with free drinks, great catered appetizers, cool Hollywood skylights with the backdrop of showbiz all around. But what happened inside, topped all of the glitz, on the outside.

His Voice

We got to witness the iconic Don Henley on the drums, sing a few of his solo hits in front of 100 adoring fans. I was one of them. As the opening notes of Heart Of The Matter came through the speakers, the audience roared.

What was stunning about that moment, was this: Don’s voice LIVE was as perfect, as his record. It was as if we were in the recording session when he sang it for the first time. In a way, it was the first time, for all of us. That memory is burnt into my ears, and heart, forever.

I hope YOU get the chance to see Don and The Eagles LIVE.

Don’t take it from me. You be the judge, and together, listen to these GREAT Eagle cover songs that to me, are as good as the originals!

(List from American Songwriter)

  • Etta James-Take It To The Limit

    While this is not Don Henley on the lead vocals, Etta pulls this off.

  • Linda Ronstadt-Desperado

    Back in the day, Linda hired the then, unknown Eagles as her backup band. So right there, that gives her the right to do this cover, in my opinion. But when you hear this version, her voice, earns her the right.

  • Rod Stewart-Best of My Love

    Rod is no stranger to singing love songs. This is my favorite Eagles song. Rod Stewart’s version make me love him, and it, more.

  • Vince Gill-I Can't Tell You Why


    Don Henley’s early influence was reportedly from country music. Country star Jason Aldean said he thinks The Eagles should be inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Country star Vince Gill honors that sentiment with this wonderful version.

  • Trisha Yearwood-New Kid In Town


    After hearing this version from country music star, Trisha Yearwood, I may become a country music fan of HERS. She adds a few little change ups, that makes this even more perfect.

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