When you see the headline: Best, Worst Employee Retention: Massachusetts Company Makes This List, many would say, do I work there? But the good news is that there are many good companies that work hard to retain employees.

What Do Employee Polls Say

According to a Gallup Poll worker engagement survey, it may be surprising to view what people want and expect from their employers.  According to Gallup, the importance of increased pay for job seekers has risen from No. 4 to No. 1 since 2015. Sure, with rising inflation, everyone wants more money coming in. But higher pay doesn’t solve all problems. Gallup has found that higher pay, could mean lower lifestyle for workers. Sure, I’m getting more money, but what do I have to do to keep it?

Does More Money Matter?

Gallup says higher salary is not a bandage for management, or organizational issues. While Covid-19 changed the way we and our employers work, one thing seems to remain the same. More money does not solve every problem.

The tenants to retain employees still include, overall job satisfaction, organizational commitment, work environment, level of stress, and workgroup cohesion to name a few. When you ask almost anyone, one thing is clear: more money will not help you love a job, that you don’t like, more. On the other hand, if you have a job you love, everything feels right. In every Gallup Poll I have seen, while it’s now higher on the list, money is NEVER at the top of employee needs.

Best, Worst Employee Retention

What companies are the best at retaining their workers? What companies need work at it?  Newser.com shared a survey from listing the best and worse. You may see some familiar names on both lists! Would it surprise you that tech companies need to work harder for their employees, and less on their devices? What Massachusetts company makes the worst list? Let’s look at the revolving door!

  • 1-Apple Is The Number One Revolving Door


    Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    No. 1: Apple 1.7 years

    While they are NUMBER one for market cap, they are also NUMBER one for not retaining employees.

  • 2-(tie): Amazon and Meta


    Image by Getty Images

    No.2: Amazon and Meta, 1.8 years

    Well despite the #2 position, I still received my new pool chairs from Amazon. I posted the pics on Facebook.

  • 4-Elevance Health

    I Quit

    Image by Getty Images

    No. 4  Elevance Health 1.9 years

    Maybe that’s why they keep rescheduling your physical, no doctors!

  • 5-Tesla



    No.5  Tesla 2.5 years

    Are these employees moving over to X? (Formerly Twitter)

  • 6-AMD-Servicenow


    Image by Getty Images

    No.6 Tie-AMD-Servicenow 2.3 years

    AMD is a tech company with a stock price of $116 PER SHARE!

    Servicenow is another tech company whose share price is $554 per share!

    Why are these people staying? No employee stock plan?



  • 8-Tie-Salesforce and Nextera Energy

    New Career

    Image by Getty Images

    No. 8-Tie Salesforce and Nextera Energy 2.8 years

    Salesforce is a software company with a stock price of $216 per share!

    Nextera Energy is a green energy company. Maybe they need to give their workers more green.

  • 10-Tie-S&P Global and TJX (corporate overlord of TJ Maxx, Marshalls)

    TJ Maxx

    Image by Getty Images

    No. 10 Tie-S&P Global and TJX (corporate overlord of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc.) 2.9 years

    Massachusetts makes the list! They do have good deals though, and when we shop there the service is decent.

  • The NUMBER ONE Company To RETAIN Workers Is?


    Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

    No. 1-ConocoPhillips, 10.6 years

    ConocoPhillips is an oil company with a stock price of $114 per share.

    The market cap is a whopping $138.53 BILLION dollars. The average stay with these guys is 10.6 years!

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