LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 06: Bruce Springsteen performs at BST Hyde Park Festival 2023 at Hyde Park on July 06, 2023 in London, England.

It was a textbook tutorial on how Bruce Springsteen ENERGIZED Gillette, Saturday night. In fact, the energy is still in me, and the thousands of Bruce fans that flocked to Foxborough, Massachusetts. Did I mention that this was the FOURTH Springsteen show this year? That didn’t stop him from a rockin’ two hour and twenty nine minute set of non-stop energy. And, I mean NON-STOP. He didn’t stop. My wife even asked, did he even stop for a drink of water?   

Don’t Be Scared, Live In The Now

For lifelong Springsteen fans, whether you go for the hits, (I’ll address that later) or you’re a lifer, complete with your Stone Pony T-shirt, you ask yourself this question. Forgive me for addressing the elephant in the room. The question on at least my mind: is this last time we’ll see him LIVE? Hey, it’s a fair question! Bob Barker passed away this past weekend. Now, Bob was older than Bruce, so we can tap the breaks a bit. Bruce, on September 24, turns 74.

The Sermon on Mount Gillette

Bruce, in a very heartfelt, but convincing way, faced his, and our certain future, talking about our reality as humans. We all will die. It was almost a sermon on mount Gillette and we were his disciples. Springsteen took off his fun and frolicky Boss hat and plopped on his Dad, teacher, mentor hat, to share an intimate story of how a member of his very first 1960’s band died of cancer. You could see his heart burst through on the giant screen. We could hear a pin drop, as he ended the story saying, he was the final remaining living member of that original, first band. Our collective heart was moved, as we all can relate to this time in our life, where, longtime, close family members, friends, and co-workers have reached the end of this life, and moved on to the next part of the journey.

Don’t Be Scared, Live In The Now

Bruce ended his sermon with a beautiful, acoustic performance of Last Man Standing. You didn’t have to know the song to feel it’s power. The take away, that was encouraged by Bruce himself, was to live in the moment. Rejoice that we’re alive IN THE NOW. That’s all we have and really, what matters.

The Set List

One thing is clear: this tour is for core fans. They got what they came for. If you’re a fan of ONLY Springsteen’s familiar radio hits, you had to take a back seat. He didn’t perform many of his familiar radio hits, like Hungry Heart, I’m On Fire, Born In The USA or My Hometown. But, hearing Born To Run, Dancing In The Dark and Glory Days, LIVE, made it worth the two hour wait, as those songs, were the encore! Take a look:

Lonesome Day
(Tour debut, first time since 2017)

No Surrender


Prove It All Night

Letter to You

The Promised Land

Out in the Street

Candy’s Room

Kitty’s Back

(Commodores cover)

Atlantic City

Johnny 99

Mary’s Place

Last Man Standing
(Acoustic with Barry Danielian on trumpet)


Because the Night
(Patti Smith Group cover)

She’s the One

Wrecking Ball

The Rising


Thunder Road

Born to Run`

Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

Seven Nights to Rock
(Moon Mullican cover) (Tour debut, first time with… more )

Glory Days

Dancing in the Dark
(Followed by Band Intros)

Encore 2:
I’ll See You in My Dreams
(solo, acoustic)

So, let’s take the advice, and see how Bruce Springsteen ENERGIZED Gillette!

  • Pre-Show Patriots Place

    Bar Louie

    Image By Heidi

    This is Heidi’s BUFFALO Mac and Cheese at Bar Louie. It’s as good as it looks, but SPICEY! It was packed, but the service was great! The food was amazing.

  • Encore! Lights UP!


    Image by Heidi

    They brought the house  lights UP for Born To Run and Dancin’ In The Dark!

  • Gillette's NEW GIGANTIC Screen!

    New Jumbo Screen

    Image by Heidi

    What you’re seeing are the people in the front row, singing Born To Run, on the new BIG screen at Gillette.


  • New Springsteen Merch!


    Image by Heidi

    Heidi checkin’ out the merch!

  • Show Time!

    Show time!

    Image by Heidi

    Lights down, it’s show-time!! Time to stand up!!!

  • Bruce On The Big Screen!

    Boss is back!

    Image by Heidi

    It was fun to watch him walk down and greet the core fans in the front row. Imagine gettin’ a high five from the Boss?

  • Bruce Guitar Work

    Bruce Guitar Work

    Image by Heidi

    One of many big screen closeups of Bruce playing!


  • Little Steven!

    Little Steven

    Image by Heidi

    It was great to see Little Steven again!


  • Jaybeau with Little Steven

    Little Steven

    Image by WROR

    Me and Little Steven during his 2015 visit to WROR!

  • Boss Close Up!

    The Boss close up!

    Image by Heidi

    Non-stop! Springsteen LIVE doesn’t make time for a water break!

  • We Were High Up!

    High Up!

    Image By Heidi

    Section 331. was very high up. But, with the big screens, it was actually a pleasant experience.

  • Gillette's New Giant Jumbotron

    Pre Show

    Image by Heidi

    These were the pre-show ad’s on the NEW BIG SCREEN!

  • Bruce, We'll See You Next Time!

    See Ya Next Time!

    Image by Heidi

    What a night. To see Bruce Springsteen, at Gillette Stadium……

    Bucket list, check!


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