Becoming comfortable with discomfort, is your first step to real growth.  I came up with that. Becoming your BEST self, is something I believe we have control of.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

One thing I discovered about self help, well being or exercise, ONE SIZE does not fit all. Discovering steps that help nurture your soul is a personal thing. It could be a morning ritual of exercise. You may discover that meditation could be key in finding peace and happiness. You may enjoy a Boston morning walk each day with Rover. What ever it maybe, you can’t give up until you find it. It will find YOU, in time.

Reading everything I found was a big help in finding the well being champions that spoke to me, and my heart and soul. (Wow, he’s deep.) Hey, taking a few hours in your book store, (they are still out there) may change your life. Try this: take a few hours on a weekend, away from your busy life. Go to the self help section in the book store and walk up and down the aisle. The right book will find YOU. Pick it up, grab seat and read a chapter.

Becoming Your BEST Self

I’m a big fan of lists, bullet points and tips. I have bookshelves of countless books, sharing lists on how to become your best self. Many of the tips, work. I found this great list from author Colby Kultgen, with his list called:

9 Addictions Your Must Break to Become Your Best Self. 

So, let’s take a deep dive, If it’s ok, I add a few comments of my own.

  • Comparison: Don't Do It

    I learned that comparing myself to others was a waste of time. We are all on our own path. NO one person is the same. So, HOW we can measure our growth by comparing to others. When I stopped that bad addiction, I found myself growing faster.

    Colby says: 

    Comparison leads to rushed goals, dissatisfaction with life, and feelings of inadequacy. Comparison zapps the joy out of life. 

    When you feel the bad feelings of feeling less than others, pivot to gratitude. When we are grateful for what we have, more of we want shows up.

  • Comfort: Time To Say Goodbye

    Becoming comfortable with discomfort, is your first step to real growth.

    Colby says: The comfort zone is where dreams go to die. You don’t need to jump off a cliff, but you need to be a little closer to the edge. 

    You may be surprised at how good you may be. In time, others notice.

  • Quitting: Don't Do It

    Colby says: The only way to guarantee failure is to quit.  Most people succeed just by staying in the game longer. Try this: Commit to something, and give your friend $100. If you quit, they get to keep it. 

    It took Seinfeld THREE years to become a hit. A bartender after trying acting and going on audition after audition for nine years, finally made it. You know him as Ross on Friends.  It took David Schwimmer nine years to become an overnight success. 

  • Your Phone: Spend Less Time On It

    Colby: Turn it off an hour before bed. Wake one hour to turn it on when you wake up. 

    Wow, I can’t wait to try it. But finish reading this before you shut it off.


  • Waiting For Perfect Conditions To Start

    Colby says: There’s someone out there living the life that you want, simply because they took action.

    Jeff Bezos rule: Take action when you have 70% of the intel you wish you had.

    My number is 50%. But I take risks.


  • Complaining: Waste of Time

    Colby says: Complaining may seem harmless. But over time, it trains your brain to seek the negative side of everything. 

    I’m printing this up and will turn into a flag. Complaining and worrying is a colossal waste of time. When you feel overwhelmed with complaining or worrying, move into the present moment. Try using the STOP method: Stop, breathe, observe and proceed. Complaining is another version of impatience. Events or situations are not working on your timeline, so you feel stuck in a mind based clock that is moving too slow. The good news is, that you could be experiencing the negative side of passion. Stop and breathe, then observe, that you are very passionate, and your momentum of commitment and hard work is working hard in the background for you. From time to time, I catch myself complaining too. It’s normal. But, you’ll grow faster when you catch yourself, and move back to the present. Over time, I found it becomes easier.

  • Distraction:

    Colby says: Do you distract yourself from real life?

    Not including sleep, is there ever a time during the day where you’re NOT consuming information?

    He recommends that twice a day, schedule two, 15 minute blocks to do NOTHING. I do it, called meditation. It works.



  • Multitasking: Don't Do It

    Colby says: I’ve made a personal commitment to single tasking 100% of the time. 100% intention to everything I do. 

  • Procrastination:

    If your procrastinating on a task, just start it for FIVE minutes. The hardest part is the start.

    You’d be surprised when you discovered it was not as hard as you thought.


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