Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Cheddar cheese on apple pie?

It’s a New England tradition and one I’ve never tried. But the day is young. But New England is known for its weird food combinations and let me tell you, they actually taste good.

First, let us confess our weird food combinations. Are you sitting down?

Bob Bronson:

“Pumpernickel bread, toasted, with jalapeno hummus, sardines or tuna, red onion and olives.”


“Meatball subs with pickles. Or popcorn soaked in Frank’s Hot Sauce. Yeah, it’s soggy, but I can hear myself think when I’m eating it.”


“Pickle juice straight from the jar. Who cares if the pickles are still in it?”

The cheddar and apple pie combo is an age-old pairing.

Apple Pie Without the Cheese — Is Like A Kiss Without The Squeeze

Cheddar cheese on apple pie is, according to the fine folks at the Vermont Old Country Store, am Vermont tradition that has spread its wings throughout New England and Canada.

“The Vermont apple pie has a flaky double crust topped with a thick slice of warm (but not melted) cheddar cheese,” Eliot Orton, Vermont Country Store proprietor. “The sharp, tangy Cheddar is the perfect complement to sweet, mellow apples and brown sugar.

“In fact, apple pie is always supposed to be served with cheese, by legal statute, although a glass of milk or a scoop of ice cream are considered “good faith” efforts, ” he wrote. “That’s our legislature for you. And in Vermont, it is considered fine to have a slice of pie and cheese for breakfast, if you plan to do a day’s work.”

Anyway, we got a lot of Weird Food Combinations ideas from callers.

Tartare sauce and fries, peanut butter and tuna sandwiches and pickle popsicles.”

And now, the Weirdest Food Combinations!

Some have gone mainstream, but other are fighting for their place on the menu.

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