CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS - MARCH 23: The Harvard University campus is shown on March 23, 2020 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Students were required to be out of their dorms no later than March 15 and finish the rest of the semester online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

When you see the headline: America’s Smartest States: Massachusetts Ranks, we can’t help but think, Massachusetts MUST be in the top ten of this list!

When you look at the important building blocks of having a decent chance at a nice life, where do you look?

Comparing Massachusetts to Every Other State

While I haven’t been to EVERY state, I’m lucky to say that I have visited a few. Our country has some wonderful states. I got engaged in Florida. I saw my first Red Rock Mountain in Arizona.

We skated during Christmas at the Rockefeller Rink. 

But, every time I leave on a vacation, I really can’t wait to come home.

Education: We have some of the best schools on the planet.

Hospitals: When Ringo Starr’s daughter Lee needed brain surgery, he came to Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. 

Sports:       Well, you know the story there!

Culture:     For the arts, music, and history, there is no better state!

Food:          Food, from the North End, to the Seaport, to the Back Bay, our five star restaurants are nationally famous!

Employment: People from all over the globe, look here for the best jobs.

The Beach! Is there anywhere better than the Cape, Vineyard, and Nantucket? 

Radio Stations: Too far?

So now, let’s see who agrees. Based on the brain power,  DO we have the most? Let’s take a look at America’s smartest states, from Mental Floss and Penn Stakes.


  • 20 Rhode Island

  • 19 Illinois

  • 18 Montana

  • 17 Oregon

  • 16 Pennsylvania

  • 15 Nebraska

  • 14 Kansas

  • 13 Utah

  • 12 Maine

  • 11 New York

  • 10 Washington

  • 9 Minnesota

  • 8 Colorado

  • 7 New Jersey

  • 6 New Hampshire

  • 5 Vermont

  • 4 Virginia

  • 3 Maryland

  • 2 Connecticut

  • 1 Massachusetts

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