Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Lost in translation?

We all have sayings that have been used for years that we take for granted that everyone knows the meaning of, for instance you hear “no good deed goes unpunished”, you know that it means you did something nice and still something went wrong.

We assume that everyone from every generation knows what you mean because these are not new, but when people from Generation Z are asked the meaning, they are perplexed and don’t know the meaning. Gen Z is the generation that comes after Millennials, they’re in their 20’s and have grown up with iPhone, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok, they don’t like to talk on the phone but are pretty much never without it.

They prefer texting to calling and are the least conversational of all the previous generations because they have never had to conduct many in most of their day to day life. It’s no wonder they don’t understand these sayings, because they don’t have enough everyday conversations and interactions to actually hear them.

Bite the bullet

That is another saying that they don’t understand the reference to. For the record, it means “to deal with something that you’ve been avoiding. It supposedly comes from patients (probably soldiers) that were given a bullet to bite down on to deal with the pain of having surgery before the days of anesthesia.  If you tell a Gen Z person to “bite the bullet” you will get a very confused look.

Survey says!

Someone asked Gen Z’ers if they knew the meaning of several phrases and terms that have been around for a long time and sadly only 40% were familiar with these  following top 9 that they were at a total loss to explain the meaning. We will do our best to explain them here.




  • 9. Throw In The Towel

    To give up and admit defeat, it comes from the boxing ring where the manager in the corner would throw a towel in the ring to indicate that the fight was finished.
    Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul

  • 8. Burn The Midnight Oil

    Staying up late to keep working or studying, of course this comes from the days of burning candles and or lamps using oils such as whale blubber. Thanks Edison!


  • 7. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

    Don’t interfere in a situation if it’s not causing you any harm, or another similar saying, “don’t poke the bear” works just as well

    Wadebridge Therapy Dogs Used To Encourage Over-fives To Have Covid Vaccine

    . (Photo by Hugh Hastings/Getty Images)

  • 6. What's Your Beef?

    In other words, “why are you upset?” The word ‘beef” was used in Old England to mean what is your complaint or problem, no one really knows why it started.


    Typically made by salt-curing beef.

  • 5. You Don't Cut The Mustard

    Meaning you are not good enough or aren’t meeting expectations.  It comes from a story by O’Henry in which he used it to say that someone had succeeded at an endeavor by cutting the mustard, so it could have been ketchup?


  • 4. Take The Bull By The Horns

    It means to deal with a difficult situation head-on and take control. If you can take hold of a bull’s horns, are you really in control?

    San Fermin Festival Resumes After Two Years Of Pandemic Cancellations

    Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

  • 3. Back To The Salt Mines

    It simply means to get back to work, especially if you have a demanding boss. Salt mines were not a fun place to work, so you knew you were in for a tough day at work, so get back at it!

    salt shaker
  • 2. Rule OF Thumb

    A general guide of how to do something correctly, it comes from ancient carpentry, a rule of thumb was a makeshift measurement.

    Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

    (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

  • 1. Beating A Dead Horse

    It means wasting time or continuing to debate something that is already clearly settled, it is not a particularly happy thought, who wants to beat a horse anyway?


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