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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Pro Tips on Not Tipping

It seems as though we are tipping more than ever. It used to be you would have to tip on occasions such as servers, bar tenders and bell hops. I’m probably missing a few but you get the point. These days everyone who provides a service might be expecting a tip.

Coffee shops are famous for their tip jars

I don’t mind tipping on coffee because they did provide a service in making if for your requested  desire. If you pay with cash it makes it easier to put the spare change in the tip jar. Now with the pay tablets you are giving the option to tip between 15% , 18%, 20%, Custom tip and of course the “no tip” option.

Most of us have a hard time opting for the “no tip” button, after all the person who handed you the coffee or food is standing right there, but should you really have to tip 20% on a coffee and breakfast sandwich that already cost over 10 dollars?

20% of $10 is $2.00 That seems like a lot

Did they really do all that much? It’s not as though they are serving you at your table, bringing you food and drinks, etc. they might just be grabbing something off the shelf and handing it to you. That’s why I always carry a little walking around money for times when I want to tip somebody for providing a service.

I will offer a tip if I request a nice table at a restaurant

There are times when you are not sure whether or not to tip or whether the person providing the service is expecting one. If a delivery person brings a particularly heavy item to the house, such as a couch should you tip them? I always try to tip them something and maybe even offer them something cold to drink.

Here are they the FIVE times you definitely DON’T to tip

  • 5. Don't Tip Highly Trained Pros



    When it comes to professionals like nurses, lawyers and accountants do not tip them because they are already being highly paid, if you want to show them your appreciation for services rendered, then the best option is an old fashioned thank you card or leaving them a positive review online

  • 4. Don't Tip On Top Of Gratuity Added Checks


    Beef steak with grilled vegetables served on white plate

    If you are at a restaurant that has already added a 20% gratuity, then you don’t have to add to it, of course feel free to if you feel like it, but no one should judge you if you don’t.

  • 3. Don't Tip If You're Traveling To Certain Countries


    Tipping is not expected in Australia, New Zealand and other parts of Europe. In East Asia tipping can be seen as a form of insult. Of course, you should get to know the customs of any country you are visiting prior to arriving.

  • 2. Don't Tip Flight Attendants

    air travel

    It’s considered bad form, and some airlines even have policies against it.  Handing out drinks is one small part of their job.  The rest of what they do is closer to being a first responder than a server.  And you obviously wouldn’t tip a firefighter or paramedic.

  • 1. Don't Tip Service Techs


    Technicians like plumbers and electricians  usually make a good wage and aren’t expecting a tip. If you have a “repair person” to your house, than you know that you’re probably paying a lot per hour on top of whatever parts are needed. Offering a cold drink is probably enough.

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