Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Snow kidding! This is serious!

Last weekend’s massive snow storm that dumped up to 18 inches of the white stuff in a few Massachusetts towns was a good reminder that you should be prepared for the big one. That’s why we have put together the 5 Essential Things You Should Have In Your Car To Survive A Nor’Easter.

We were lucky that the storm took place on Saturday and Sunday as opposed to a weekday event that would have potentially caught people commuting in their cars. If you are old enough to remember the Blizzard of 1978, then you know how huge it was and it caught a lot of people by surprise.

Better weather prognostication

Sure back in ’78 the meteorological world was not as advanced as today. There was only one local weatherman back then that had a good read on what was going to happen. His name? Harvey Leonard, the living legend. He was certain that it would be a snow event like no other and was spot on.

Vehicles were stuck and stranded on Routes 128, 93, 95 and dozens of other highways and byways. People were trapped in their cars, some for days and sadly there were those that lost their lives.

Of course weather forecasting has come a long way since then. There was no such thing as Doppler Radar Weather that all of our local television station use and there’s been so much help from computer models. The chances of being caught by surprise are a lot less now.

If you do get stuck, be prepared

If in the unlikely event that you do get caught in a major snow storm and are unable to move your car you have to be prepared for what could be a very scary situation. Experts have told us what we should always have in our car (or trunk) to be able to handle being stranded. They are all common sense items but, we have a tendency to either forget or take it too lightly.

Here are the 5 Essential Things you should have in your car to survive a Nor’Easter

  • 5. Mini first aid kit

    The guy holds in his hands a hiking bag, a first aid kit with medicines, a red emergency bag of first aid. Medicines in a package, red cross, travel safety concept

    We should have a mini first aid kit in our vehicles regardless of the season. It’s smart and a very non expensive item to keep handy. You can grab one in most big stores or places like CVS and Walmart. You can also find good kits online. Leave it in your trunk and you will be ready if needed.

  • 4. A multi-tool: It's more than a Swiss Army knife. It includes pliers, a screwdriver, and a small knife.

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    (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

    These tools are small and easy to keep around. I personally keep one in my glove compartment at all times. I can’t say how many times I have used it over the years for things you wouldn’t imagine. They are reasonably priced and you don’t need a brand name or something too fancy. You want one with a knife, scissors, file and even a corkscew.

  • 3. Blanket

    man in blanket
    If you’re stuck in your car in a blizzard you will not be able to continue running it because you want to preserve as much fuel as you can. A nice thick blanket will help do the trick. Get a qood quality blanket that you can wrap around yourself and keep that precious heat in. You can store in the backseat or the trunk.

  • 2. Flash light

    Every vehicle needs a good flashlight, don’t rely on your phone’s you want a strong halogen type that can light up the night in case you’re trapped after dark. Plus you will want to preserve your phone’s battery for communication reasons.

  • 1. Shovel

    snow shovel
    Number one is the good old fashioned snow shovel. You can pick up a small handle snow shovel in most automotive stores that can be placed in the trunk and left there. A good shovel might be just what you need to dig yourself out of trouble.

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