Happy 420 Day people! The unofficial holiday is to celebrate and indulge in marijuana, as well as your favorite foods when you get the munchies

How did 420 Day start?

Apparently, like a good high, it’s unclear. There are a lot of myths and speculation, but most of the reports haven’t been verified. One thing that a lot of people seem to agree on is that it can be traced to the 70s when a group of 5 students at San Rafael High School in Marin County, California began meeting at 4:20pm to smoke weed. I guess the students decided to get together at 4:20pm because at that time, extracurricular activities were over. The five students called themselves “The Waldos” because they would sit against a wall and smoke.

How we celebrating?

There are a lot of things going on in the Boston area to celebrate. Here are just a few you can check out.

4/20 ExtravaGanja II featuring local comedians, musical artists, free legal support, and access to employment opportunities.

Glaze and BlazeA 21+ Event! Glaze Your Own Bowl or Pipe and Learn Cannabis Basics

Stoner Trivia Night  –  How much do you know about cannabis? From movie references to science topics, legal matters to gardening tactics. To be blunt, we’ve got high expectations for this trivia night.

Get a lot more 420- events HERE.

Because the munchies are a big part of weed culture, thought it would be a good idea to put together all the food deals you can get today to celebrate 420. Enjoy!

  • Wingstop

    So Wingstop isn’t giving any type of discount, BUT they are celebrating 4/20 with a limited-time flavor combo. You get your wings tossed in a spicy cheese rub, with spicy ranch, and topped with cheese puff powder. The flavor combo is exclusively available from April 20th – 23rd.

    Wingstop Is Celebrating 4/20 In The Best Way - Mashed

    According to PR Newswire, Wingstop introduces a brand-new, limited-edition sauce appropriately called "Blazed and Glazed." Combining hemp seeds, terpenes, strawberries, and cayenne pepper, the sauce is designed to be sweet and spicy, although the addition of hemp seeds isn't enough to get you high.

  • Dunkin

    4/20 also is National Cold Brew Day, and Dunkin is offering a free cold brew with any purchase for Dunkin rewards members on the app.

    Dunkin Is Giving Away Free Cold Brew To Celebrate A Different 4/20 Holiday - Mashed

    Dunkin' For some, April 20 is a holiday to kick back and get a buzz. With weed now legal in several states, more people than ever are bound to partake in cannabis-related festivities. Fast food franchises have gotten in on the action in recent years, with plenty of deals.

  • Jimmy John's

    Jimmy John’s has a one-day offer of the Munchie Crusher.  It’s a sandwich that features: turkey, provolone, avocado spread, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced pickles, and mayo on wheat bread. Get the deal exclusively through the Jimmy John’s website or app and use promo code FREESIDE for free chips to go alongside your Regular or Giant size sandwich.

    Let's Be Blunt, Jimmy John's® is ROLLING Out an Epic 4/20 Celebration

    "Roll With JJ's" Includes Limited-Edition Munchie Crusher Sandwich, Jimmy John's Sandwich Wrap Rolling Papers, FREESIDE Nationwide Promo, and More for the Highest Holiday of the Year. Jimmy John's invites you to "Roll with JJ's" this 4/20. Jimmy John's fans can live the high life and cure their munchies on 4/20 by ordering the limited-edition Munchie Crusher sandwich.

  • Smoothie King

    Smoothie King has some new bowls on its menu and if you order one through the app on 4/20, you’ll get 420 reward points. If you’re a new app user, you’ll also get $2 off your order.

    PB Delight™ Bowl

    Feast on whole blueberries, fresh bananas, and dried goji berries over a pitaya base, tapped with savory peanut butter drizzle and Purely Elizabeth® Granola. Other Smoothies You May Like Next time try one of these Smoothie Bowls. To find one of our many stores nationwide, simply enter your zip code.

  • Blaze Pizza

    Join Blaze Pizza’s rewards program on 4/20 and get some free food deals on pizza (of course), desserts, and drinks.

    Blaze Pizza - Fast-Fire'd Custom Built Artisanal Pizzas

    Fresh dough. Artisanal ingredients. Inventive to classic. You decide. Blazing oven + dedicated pizzasmith + 180 seconds = fast-fire'd perfection. Pickup or Delivery.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings

    Get Buffalo Wild Wings’ traditional boneless wings for $1 when you buy one of their burgers.

    10 Boneless Wings - Everyday

    1,200 to 1,400 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice for children ages 4-8 years and 1,400 to 2,000 calories a day for children ages 9-13, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request. Before placing your order, please inform your server or restaurant if a person in your party has a food allergy.

  • Insomnia Cookies

    Get a free classic cookie with any in-store purchase or delivery order on 4/20.

    Insomnia Cookies Launches New Crunchie Munchie Deluxe Cookie For 4/20 - Chew Boom

    Insomnia Cookies is celebrating 4/20 by baking up the new limited-edition Crunchie Munchie Deluxe cookie alongside a Baked to Perfection 12-pack. Advertisment Story continues below The limited-edition Crunchie Munchie Deluxe cookie features savory, salted caramel baked into a Deluxe-sized sugar cookie base, topped with crushed potato chips.

  • Smashburger


     On 4/20 only, buy four single-patty Classic burgers for $20. The classic single usually goes for about $7 bucks, so this sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

    Get 4 Burgers For $20 At Smashburger On April 20, 2023 - Chew Boom

    Smashburger is celebrating 4/20 this year by offering 4 burger for $20 on April 20, 2023. Advertisment Story continues below The special pricing deal is valid on the in-store purchase of four single Classic Smashburgers. The Classic Smashburger features a certified Angus Beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pickles, Smash Sauce, and ketchup on a toasted bun.

  • Wings Over

    Wings Over is bringing back their special wings that will only be offered on April 20th. The garlic parmesan menu will feature CBD-infused garlic parm tots, wings tenders and tender sandwiches. You can order in person at participating locations, online at order.wingsover.com or on the Wings Over app.

    Wings Over

    Wings Over creates energetic moments. We aim to serve delicious chicken wings!

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