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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Biggest Jackpot Ever

Tonight’s Powerball Jackpot has climbed to $1.9 BILLION! For just two dollars you can buy your chance to live the dream, but is it a good dream or can it turn into a nightmare?

A lot of lottery winners have ended up broke, busted and bereft of friends and family. For them the dream went sour and for a lot of reasons, such as;

How to lose your money and your friends

People you don’t know asking you for money, friends and family wanting a piece of your pie, too many extravagant purchases, losing your purpose to live because you can buy everything you want.

There are so many stories of lottery winners going bankrupt because they mismanaged their money.

Advice from a Powerball winner

Timothy Schultz, who lives in Iowa, knows what it’s like to buy a lottery ticket, cross your fingers — and win the lottery.

Schultz won $28 million in 1999 by playing the Iowa Powerball, he was working at an Iowa gas station back then, and get this, he sold himself the winning ticket!

Today, Schultz is a podcast host and runs a popular YouTube channel. He interviews other lottery winners who share their experiences after they strike it rich.

Here’s what he thinks are the Top 3 pieces of advice for big lottery winners

  • 3. "Stay grounded and true to yourself. Pursue what makes you happy," he advised. "Most importantly, try and relax and enjoy life!"

    He says that one thing he has seen in big jackpot winners is whatever you were passionate about before winning will be tremendously magnified with your now almost unlimited funds. For instance if you were into collecting shoes, you will now have the means to collect as many as you want, and you probably will. Of course your new house will have to have a bigger closet.

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  • 2. If you win the lottery, some people can "view you as a bank," he said.

    Schultz says “My advice is to determine any gifts you intend to give to others early on. Be clear about that in the beginning, in order to help avoid people constantly asking for money in the future,” 

    Great advice here, basically you need to let the people who ask for your money know that you are not a bank that has an endless supply of withdrawals.


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  • 1. "Stay grounded and true to yourself.

    The last piece of advice is to not let the lottery change who you are. Of course, things will change, but it doesn’t mean you have to.  Shultz says that the happiest of big lottery winners are the ones who didn’t lose themselves when they won the money. The best goal is to be the same person you were before, but someone that doesn’t have money issues any longer. Perhaps you will find something you’re passionate about, also it’s good to involve your self with charitable activities too.

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