Home projects to continue through 2018!

It all started with a visit from Mass Save. You know, that amazing, awesome, generous organization that does a free energy audit of your home, tells you how you can be more energy efficient and has some wonderful rebates and incentives?

Three lovely young men showed up at my home Monday to do the audit. I bet they weren’t there more than twenty minutes before I heard the words “you have a gas leak.”

Now, I knew I had a pipe in the back that needed replacing sooner rather than later and had called a couple plumbers the week before; I’d heard back from one, he wasn’t available for another couple weeks and I hadn’t heard back from the other. However, the pipe I thought was the problem was not where the leak was coming from. Surprise!

Not a surprise, when “you have a gas leak,” the gas company has to be called immediately. Columbia gas came right out and shut it down. The Mass Save energy audit was also shut down because they couldn’t do what they needed to do without access to my heating system.

I started crying. Yep. I did. In front of all of those guys; the Mass Save guys and the Columbia gas guy. Not the “hard cry,” just the kind when you’re attempting not to get emotional about something and it slips out. Which I’m sure made them all feel very comfortable.

The Mass Save guys promised to return and finish up and the Columbia gas guy gave me written instructions on what to do next, which I followed.

I called Williams Coal and Oil in Braintree who I’d used when I first moved in for some plumbing issues. (They’re one of the plumbers I’d called the week before and had not heard back from which surprised me as they have excellent customer service.) They sent a guy right out who took measurements and scheduled the repair for the next morning.

I got home from work yesterday and the job was done. They told me the town inspector would be out before 6 pm. He was and he gave me an orange card clearing the gas company to turn me back on! I called Columbia gas (who I might add were awesome! I’ve had a couple of interactions with them and they’ve been so warm, accommodating and helpful!) and they sent a guy out who safely put everything back together!

All that’s left now is….the bill. 🙂