Three Days In Hanson - Julie Devereaux

(Five if you count the weekend.)

You probably already know it takes three days to get your floors sanded and 'polyurethaned' (yea, I know, that's not really a word).

Well of course when I found out, I decided to take a couple vacation days and get a few things accomplished.

I scheduled the sanding weeks in advance and was so excited about it!

Take a look at the three day 'vacation'!

Monday morning, cleaned everything out of the family room and the guys brought in the equipment. That floor was in rough shape!

Let the sanding begin!

I'll just step outside and...oh! look! I now have yellow flowers in my garden replacing the beautiful iris's from the spring!

While the polyurethane's drying, I'll just have this steak I grilled with homemade potato salad and a bowl of greens!

Day two of the drying polyurethane. Took a ride to the store. Look what I found! 4th of July peeps!

Also took a trip to the Hanson 'transfer station' (aka the dump). There's this store on the way I've always been curious about. It's a grain store. It had some AWESOME STUFF in it! Including something that would have come in handy late last fall!

I did a LOT of yard work and even some landscaping over the three days of polyurethane drying. I decided to give mulching a try to put a stop to too many things growing in an area where they are not welcome!

Oh look!! The shiny, finished floor!!! It looks like a whole new room! I almost don't want to put my furniture back on it!!!




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