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Smokey the Bear to welcome you to Shawme - Crowell!

Winter camping (sort of). You in?

A friend of mine has been wanting me to go with him to see the Yurts at Shawme – Crowell State Park down the Cape for about two years (I pretty much suck at making plans). We finally did it. We got together this past weekend and took a ride down. We hiked in (walked…”hiked” sounds more outdoorsy and fun) from the front of the park on Sunday; beautiful day and a gorgeous, nature filled road. About two miles in, there they were: the Yurts.

He was right. I love the Yurts. I want to camp there some snowy, wintry weekend. Can’t you picture it? Fire burning outside in the snow, marshmallows toasting, hot cocoa, long johns….in the quiet of winter. There’s plenty of trails to snowshoe. And, yes, there’s a bathroom with hot showers close (enough) by…wouldn’t wanna rough it too much! And the Yurts have electricity.

Well….what do ya think?!

Smokey the Bear to welcome you to Shawme – Crowell!

What a gorgeous place!

Noted. (Thanks for the warning!!)

Ahhh! This is what we’re looking for!

And there it is: the Yurt.

I took a peek inside. Bunk beds. BYOSB (bring your own sleeping bag)

Sun roof.