Does anyone else do this? I hate to admit it, but losing some of my hair bothers me. It means I’m getting older. A part of me is dying. YIKES! A few times a week I take pictures of the top of my head, somehow hoping that hair will begin regrowing again. How does it look in bright light? What if there are shadows? What if I comb it differently?

I don’t care if “The Rock” is bald and a superstar! I don’t care that Bruce Willis, Woody Harrelson, Ed Harris, Sean Connery, Larry David and Jason Alexander are all bald!!! I’m not them!

It might be time to just “go with it” and enjoy the money I save from less frequent visits to my barber!


Cut it short, dress well, get fit, get some sun, without burning.


Don’t buy hair thickening shampoo as a surprise, play with their hair, or MENTION IT, unless they bring it up first.

Guys, Stop Fearing Your Impending Baldness and Embrace It - Here's Why

Film and TV have never been kind to the bald man. For example: You have your George Costanzas, in which a bald head equals a meek personality; your Lex Luthors, in which a shiny dome implies failed plans of world domination; and even your Louis C.K.'s - the demented amalgamation of both.