Has this ever happened to you? I recently came across a canister of undeveloped film. I had no idea when the pictures were taken, where I was, who took the pictures or what I would find when I had them developed.

I picked the pictures up a few days ago. I figured out they were taken in 2003, 2004 when I had just moved to Quincy. There were some beautiful shots of the view from my apartment and other assorted scenes but what caused me to catch my breath with emotion were a couple pictures of my deceased dog, Winnie.

That dog went everywhere with me. If you have a pet you know the bond you form with your companion is deep and though communication is nonverbal, you do communicate with each other.

Winnie passed in 2013 a week away from her 15th birthday. It was awful. But don’t ya know, a few days after I had that film developed, she came to visit me in a dream.

I have a cat now (Batman) whom I’m sure Winnie would have intensely disliked! I miss my little dog. She was a character.

Perhaps you’ve seen the Gary Larson cartoon of a small dog up at sunrise making espresso titled “While their owners sleep, nervous little dogs prepare for their day”. That was Winnie. She was the best girl.

Here she is sleeping in her favorite place….mom’s bed:


Can you see her? Peeking out?

Stretching. Look at those teeny paws!

Chillin’ in the sun.

Taken at the station. She came to work with me a lot.

Little speck of a thing playing outside.

Very photogenic!

Little old lady Winnie. My daughter loved to dress her up.

Where her little body is now. I’ve never opened this. And I’m not sure I ever will. The “jewels” on top? Her dog bed was the shape of a crown (for the queen!) with these jewels sewn on. When she passed, I took the jewels off her bed and glued them on her little box. She sits on a shelf in my room. It’s still hard for me to look at this.