Race winner, Christopher Bell was pretty chill. This Oklahoma racer enjoyed a huge Maine Lobster!

I had a great day going to the NASCAR Ambetter 300 at NHMS.  As life long race fan, I get really geeked out at the races! The great people at the track gave me an all access pass that allowed me to get into the Infield and the garage areas where you see all the behind stage scenes, like their awesome NASCAR Trailers and RV’s.

About 30 minutes before the race I stumbled into area where the drives get ready for the introductions, One by one they get dropped off by the hundreds of golf carts that are all over the place. I got a chance to get pictures of a bunch of drivers as they were headed in the holding area where they gather pre race.

One of the things I noticed is that most of the drivers are not very big guys, they’re all in very good shape and they all have beautiful wives and girlfriends too.


I hope you enjoy some of these candid behind the scenes pics of the drivers as they get ready to race for 301 miles at the Magic Mile!

Bob Bronson