I went out to run a few errands and wound up in an antique store. Saw this and thought it was apropos for Memorial Day.

The only thing I didn’t like about the house I bought late last summer is….it came with an in-ground pool. So, the first thing I did when I took ownership, was to cover said pool.

I wanted to give myself time to think it through and determine if a swimming pool was something I wanted because initially I most certainly did not want one.

As I’ve settled into my new home (still not unpacked and curtains and pictures still not hung in some rooms by the way), I’ve come to the conclusion that…I still feel the same way; I do not want the responsibility or the expense of a pool.

So a friend of mine (Mr. John Parker!) was kind enough to come over and help me take the cover off so I could begin slowly draining what is now…a swamp. See below.

John cutting the pool cover with a kitchen knife. Don’t ask.

Pool party with Parker! Relaxing by the “pool” after the hard work of removing the cover.

As clear as a mirror…NOT!

Don’t do it John! There’s frogs in there! (and god knows what else.)

My awesome son also put up my clothes line!!! Check out this perfect, huge hole he dug! (those are my feet)

He filled the hole with cement, positioned and balanced the pole and it’s ready to go! I didn’t have him put the rest in because it had started raining. I’m soooo excited to use my clothesline!!!

An iris that bloomed in my garden…

A closeup of that same iris. Isn’t it so pretty!

What I made for dinner Memorial Day…roast chicken and roasted vegetables. Yum!

I went out to run a few errands and wound up in an antique store (how did that happen?!). Saw this and thought it was funny.