Misusing phrases is something that happens all the time. And there are a few reasons why it’s so common. Languages are constantly changing and evolving, so what was right in the past might not be the case anymore. Plus, many of the phrases we hear being misused have become part of our everyday conversations. And we pick them up without knowing the correct meaning or usage.

When we’re just having a casual chat, we tend to focus more on getting our point across quickly, rather than following strict grammar rules. But idioms and expressions can be super confusing, even for native speakers. You also have to consider that there are different regions and cultures that have their own ways of interpreting and using phrases. Misusing phrases is normal and a part of how language changes.

People mess up phrases more than you think. Those common sayings somehow get twisted and turned in ways no one ever intended. From funny mix-ups to downright confusing expressions. But what are some of the most common ones we all get wrong from time to time?

Here are some phrases that people mess up all the time, and you might’ve missed a few of them yourself.

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