Christmas In The City held their annual celebration yesterday for some 4,000 needy children and their families. All of the children get a gift from Santa Claus that comes from the child's list. Each child gets a new winter jacket from Charles River Apparel, a new backpack, a delicious lunch, desert and plenty of entertainment. Yesterday, r and b singer Austin Brown, who happens to be Michael Jackson's nephew, played for kids. The Celtics dancers, Disney princesses, superheroes and other performers and musicians performed, putting enormous smiles on the children's faces. THEN, the curtain opens and they are welcomed into a winter wonderland of falling snow, huge inflatables and amusement rides. For most of these kids, it's the greatest day of their lives.

Today and tomorrow, an additional 10,000 of so gifts will be distributed to needy families in Massachusetts.

Christmas In The City is a 100 percent volunteer organization and just celebrated their 28th year.

Donations are still needed. Go to,