Granny Grand Prix
  • This event has passed.

August 14201012:00 am
Star Land, Hanover, , , ,

Join Hank Morse at the Granny Grand Prix at Star Land in Hanover! What is the Granny Grand Prix? It’s grandmothers of all ages racing go karts at top speed for the chance to win $300! This is going to be great! Hank will be hosting, all of Star Lands amusements will be open and grannies will be racing go karts! Spectators are welcome… and highly encouraged to join us! In fact, 2 spots in the Granny Grand Prix will be saved and awarded to the 2 best dressed “grannies” at the event! Use your imagination and make sure your at Star Land right at 9am! All granny spots have been filled (as of 11:59pm 8/6/10). CLICK HERE FOR A STAR LAND COUPON!