Is It Worth Legalizing Pot To Light Up Your State’s Economy?

The voters of the commonwealth have spoken and the majority of us would like the adult population to be able to use cannabis recreationally (again) without going to jail.

After two years of handwringing and stalling by the state, and ‘not in my backyard’ community voting (“What about the children???”  Yea? Whatabout the liquor stores?), two recreational ‘marijuana dispensaries’ have finally opened….waaaaay out in western Massachusetts.

Long lines, terrible traffic, a few badly behaved cannabis customers relieving themselves on residents yards (please knock that off) and a couple million dollars spent on marijuana products in less than a week, illegal users have come out of the shadows.

Yes. All of ‘those people’, of all ages and all backgrounds, have been using cannabis illegally for goodness knows how long and for just as many different reasons.

In this segment of “Something With Substance” I have a matter of fact conversation with Daniel Ameduri. His name came ‘across my desk’ with the title “Is It Worth Legalizing Pot To Light Up Your State’s Economy?” I was curious if it is worth it. So I asked his publicist if Daniel and I could have a conversation and voila!