The Book Of Highs, 255 Ways To Alter Your Consciousness Without Drugs

I frequently get email inquiries from publishers wanting to know if I’d like to interview a person about their new book and so many times I’ve seen topics that have caught my attention and wished I could speak with the author.

Well, now I have this platform. I was SO excited to be able to say “yes I’d love to talk with Edward Rosenfeld about The Book Of Highs, 255 Ways To Alter Your Consciousness Without Drugs! And after researching Mr. Rosenfeld, I was even more intrigued. He is, by far, one of the most interesting, intelligent, conscious men I’ve ever spoken with. I could feel his energy over the phone line.

This book is just a small part of Edward Rosenfeld. Talking with him left me with more questions. I’m hoping for another opportunity to speak with him again one day.

In the meantime, here’s something else he’s working on, currently under construction…and not a moment too soon.

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News Making the world work today [20180419] THERE IS ENOUGH TO GO AROUND Talking about life here, on Spaceship Earth, Bucky Fuller said that Malthus was wrong: there is enough to go around. Though there are distribution problems as well as terrible political and economic issues, we can make the world work.