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In today's Dirty Laundry, Monty Hall died. I never watched Let's Make a Deal, but everyone else did!

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Monty Hall, best known for hosting the game show "Let's Make a Deal," died Saturday, his daughter Sharon Hall said

Jerry Seinfeld and Stephen Colbert discussed whether you can separate Bill Cosby's comedy material and his personal life. Jerry had an epiphany!

Jerry Seinfeld Talks Bill Cosby, Whether He Can Separate The Man From The Body Of Art

Netflix's 'Jerry Before Seinfeld' creator Jerry Seinfeld and Stephen consider whether they can still enjoy the legendary comic's body of art after his numerous rape allegations.

Sarah Jessica Parker said there will not be a Sex and the City 3. I am kinda sad, but I also know Sex and the City 2 was a debacle.

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'We're Not Doing It:' Sarah Jessica Parker Confirms There Will Be No Sex and the City 3

A guy who worked for Hugh Hefner in the 70's says he was was brutal to women. Shocker!

Hefner's former valet recalls 'Pig Night' parties at Playboy Mansion

During a short period in late 1970s, Hugh Hefner's personal valet describes his experience working at the Playboy Mansion Stefan Tetenbaum recalls sex parties called 'Pig Nights' involving hookers, porn stars and celebrities Tetenbaum, 67, says that Hefner enjoyed watching well-endowed porn stars have sex with girls rather than participate

Jim Carey's late ex-girlfriend's family released a letter she wrote to Carey.

Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend makes controversial claims in unearthed letter

Jim Carrey introduced his ex-girlfriend Cat White to "cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease," according to a recently unearthed letter allegedly written by White before her suicide in 2015. The actor is currently for ( wrongful death by White's Go to PEOPLE to see White's full letter.)

Lionel Richie will be an American Idol judge!

HELLO @AmericanIdol! Excited to announce that I will be on the judges panel with @KatyPerry & @LukeBryan as well as host @RyanSeacrest for the first season on @ABCNetwork! #TheNextIdol #AmericanIdol ????: Dirk Vanoucek

10.7k Likes, 509 Comments - Lionel Richie (@lionelrichie) on Instagram: "HELLO @AmericanIdol! Excited to announce that I will be on the judges panel with @KatyPerry &..."