Loren & Wally Podcast of the Day 6/9

California has just passed some groundbreaking cigarette legislation, find out all about this new law.  It's wedding season and we this bridezilla story is going viral.  Do you know anybody who has severe reactions to bee stings?  Find out what kept a man alive after he was stung by a 1000 honey bees.  Hilarious comedian and TV personality Kathleen Madigan calls in to talk everything from her Irish Catholic heritage to smoking, you can see her at the Cabot theater in Beverley.  Are you planning on moving into a new house anytime soon?  We have some tips on what you should do once you close the deal in today's Wallyology.  A movie was made about our good friend Bill "Spaceman" Lee.  Mr. Everything Bob Ryan calls in to discuss the late Muhammad Ali's legacy.  We have a real life Breaking Bad story for you out of Westford.  Wally's facing some backlash after his comments yesterday about Hillary Clinton's outfit during her victory speech for the California primary.  Find out what he said that's got LBF fired up. Do you find yourself binge watching shows on Netflix all the time, well have you ever thought about doing it the old fashion way?  A member of the nation calls in who owns one of the few remaining actual video stores.  Are you tired of your usual dining experience?  Find out where a nude restaurant is opening up.  All this plus Men From Maine, Birthday's, Dirty Laundry, and Three Things, in today's Loren & Wally podcast!