Loren & Wally Podcast of the Day 12/6

How effective is that flu shot?  You'll soon be able shop from your car. Do you have an elf on the shelf in your house?  What are the most popular non-Christmas "Christmas movies?"

The gang from Christmas in the City is in the studio to talk about how you can help bring the joy of the Christmas to underprivileged kids.  What are the 10 worst gifts you can receive in 2017?  The American people have spoken on when you should take your Christmas decorations down.  Pizza Hut will now deliver booze with your pizza.  All this plus Men from Maine, Dirty Laundry, Three Things, and  Celebrity Birthdays in today's Loren & Wally Podcast!

Christmas in the City - A non-profit organization bringing Christmas to sheltered and homeless children in Boston.

Each year, Christmas in the City brings holiday magic to thousands of Boston-area kids and their families - kids and families who've been experiencing the uncertainty of homelessness and the stress of poverty. Our annual party for those living in homeless shelters is a spectacular, go-all-out holiday event that many kids tell us is the best day of their lives.