Let's Play "What's Grosser Than Gross?"

In today's Dirty Laundry Report, removing part of your body and keeping it in a JAR! That's GROSS! -LBF

Mel B did WHAT!? 

The Sun on Twitter

Mel B makes fans 'sick' as she admits she cut out her 'Stephen' tattoo and keeps her rotting skin in a jar ???? https://t.co/9yXGqoS97C

Gisele is coming to Brookline Booksmith!

Brookline Chronicle on Twitter

The once highest paid Supermodel on earth & #Brookline resident, Gisele Bundchen, will present a reading & Q&A for her new book "Lessons" on Sat, Dec. 15, at 5p at Brookline Booksmith. 15-minutes reading and 15 minutes Q&A @Giseleofficial @tbrady14 @penguinrandom @booksmithtweets

Everyone can get me the Hangin' Tough 30th Anniversary Reissue for Christmas!

New Kids on the Block on Twitter

You can now pre-order the Hangin' Tough 30th Anniversary Reissue! It features all ten original tracks from the 1988 album as well as three newly recorded tracks, including "80s Baby," and five rare remix tracks. Pre-order now at https://t.co/JIMqT5cffz https://t.co/caAMq8AHdi

And, one year ago today, Matt Lauer was canned!

Entertainment Tonight on Twitter

It's been exactly 1 year since Matt Lauer's shocking firing. https://t.co/rOCVpncGEI