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Dirty Laundry

Garry Shandling, Disney+ and More! Today’s Dirty Laundry! -LBF Download

16:07 Download November 12th

Judd Apatow wrote a book about Garry Shandling. It looks great and we talked to Judd about it, full interview after the Dirty Laundry, but this is the CRAZIEST story about Shandling.

How Garry Shandling never got over mother lying about brother's death

Garry Shandling hoarded personal notes and had a hard time getting over his brother Barry's death, Judd Apatow's book It's Garry Shandling's Book, reveals The comedian died in 2016 from pulmonary thrombosis and Apatow, Shandling's close friend, helped sort through his possessions, finding a trove of his life notes He

Sad news for the Baldwins:

Disney+ makes its debut. Here’s what you don’t get for $6.99 a month:

Sorry, Disney Fans: Lots of Your Favorite Movies Won't Be on Disney+ When It Launches

If you thought that a Disney+ subscription would mean you'd get to cut the line and stream some of Disney's newest offerings ASAP, you'll be disappointed. Titles from earlier this year, including The Lion King , and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil aren't going to be there at launch (though they will stream on Disney+ eventually).


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