A Sequel Called: "You'll Float 2" - Maybe? -LBF

In today's Dirty Laundry Report, we say hello, goodbye and we are getting a sequel! -LBF

Loren & Wally

Here's your #DirtyLaundry Report! The new IT Movie based on the Stephen King novel was a massive box office sucess this weekend, and there are already plans for a sequel. Did you catch any of the...

IT made $123 million dollars this weekend and the sequel is coming!

Entertainment Weekly on Twitter

It sequel plans already moving forward https://t.co/r015vdTbws

The stars came out to the US Open and looked really depressed. Including Mariska Hargitay, Debra Messing, Savannah Guthrie, Candice Bergen, Jerry Seinfeld, Tony Bennett, Hilary Swank, Tiger Woods, Ben Affleck (with his new whatever she is/I'm still upset), and Christie Brinkley.

Mariska looks tired, Debra looks very interested in the game, and Debra's arm is around Mariska. They are bff goals???? ---- #mariskahargitay #mariska #debramessing #debra

101 Likes, 2 Comments - @tragicbensler on Instagram: "Mariska looks tired, Debra looks very interested in the game, and Debra's arm is around Mariska...."

Michael Iannelli on Twitter

Is it me, or did Candice Bergen get totally ignored in this caption? . . . 'Celebrities charge the net at US Open' https://t.co/0eLgUkfL4I

Grant Ramage on Twitter

Tiger Woods at the US open is the saddest human being Ive ever seen

Louis CK made a movie on the down low and it just premiered in a film festival. Weird... riffs on Woody Allen and rumored accusations against Louis CK himself.

Guardian Film on Twitter

I Love You, Daddy review - Louis CK's brazen comedy is a screwball success https://t.co/d40VpF3R9F

Kylie Jenner is finally talking about those giant lips. It's all about a boy! Side note: Her lip kits have brought in $420 million dollars!

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Kylie Jenner Admits a Boy Made Her Want Bigger Lips: 'I Just Didn't Feel Desirable' https://t.co/pYFr5W5qWK