Celebrity Spousal Support... Days and Years Later!

In today's Dirty Laundry Report, I tend to take the girl's side, especially when the divorce is going to inspire some great music! -LBF 

Is being married for 4 days long enough to get spousal support? ...Nicolas Cage will soon find out!

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Nicolas Cage gets married in Vegas - Nicolas Cage files for divorce 4 days later saying he was too drunk to realize what he was doing https://t.co/w7UvUbek1N

The internet is going nuts over a Game of Thrones sex scene!

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A GIRL CAN MAKE THE FIRST MOVE Get it baby Arya @Maisie_Williams #GameOfThornes #AryaStark

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GameofThrones that scene with Arya and Gendry... I can't look at her like that, she's basically my kid sister

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Creators explain that surprising sex scene on #GameOfThrones https://t.co/xuxEgQWGYW

Prince was working on a memoir when he passed away.

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The Prince Estate is thrilled to announce that on October 29, 2019, @RandomHouse will be publishing THE BEAUTIFUL ONES by Prince, the American artistic visionary-singer, songwriter, musician, producer, actor and filmmaker. Available for preorder now. https://t.co/gEqMEdYoEa

Adele has broken up with her husband = her next album is going to be awesome!

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Adele's $180 Million Divorce: Here's What's at Stake in the Singer's Split from Simon Konecki https://t.co/MDuxhWma09

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