Cool is... Jesus Christ Superstar Live and Missing School to Open for Bon Jovi!

In today's Dirty Laundry Report, going to Bon Jovi tonight? Tune into the after show on WROR! -LBF

I can't believe I missed Jesus Christ Superstar Live last night! The reviews are super positive!

Entertainment Weekly on Twitter

Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert was a glorious glitter bomb: EW review

John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen loved it!

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Alice Cooper as King Herod - WOW!

"King Herod's Song": Alice Cooper & John Legend - Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert

Alice Cooper faces off with John Legend in "King Herod's Song" in Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert.

...I LOVE musicals except for this one, but apparently it was amazing and I'll be watching it.

Arnold Schwarzenneger had to have emergency open heart surgery!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's First Words After Heart Surgery Were Classic Movie Reference: It's been a couple of day since Arnold Schwarzenneger was rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency heart surgery.

...when he woke up he said, "I'm Back!" No lie!

Steven Bochco passed away this past weekend. He was 74.

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Steven Bochco, creator of hit shows NYPD Blue, L.A. Law, Hill Street Blues and Doogie Howser, M.D., has died at age 74, family spokesperson confirms.

...and now I will go watch Doogie Howser M.D.

Doogie Howser DVD Trailer

Without the Profit trailer

Jon Bon Jovi had to write a note excusing their opening act from school!

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Jon Bon Jovi had to write a letter asking a Montgomery, TX school to excuse three students so that they could open for Bon Jovi at American Airlines Arena in Dallas. cool!