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In today's Dirty Laundry Report, a lawyer, a cheater and a lion tamer walk into a bar. Okay, no bar. A girl can hope, right? -LBF

Kim Kardashian is studying to become a lawyer without going to law school... and it's completely legal in California.

Vogue Magazine on Twitter

Just when you think you've kinda sorta maybe figured out who @KimKardashian West is, think again: she is studying to become a lawyer.

JLo "knows what the truth is." Does she know she's with a cheater?

billboard on Twitter

Jennifer Lopez denies Alex Rodriguez infidelity rumors: "I know what our relationship is"

And, in today's edition of shocking celebrity facts:

History Lovers Club on Twitter

Christopher Walken when he worked for the circus as a lion tamer, early 60's.

Us Weekly on Twitter

Take a dip into this! Watch a throwback video of Jason Statham as a competitive diver: on Twitter

Robin Williams + The Legend of Zelda = The greatest advertisement for a video game ever made. (Thanks @UltraSuperMega_ for sharing this with us) Do you know of any other amazing gaming ads? Share them with us!

Coming to America 2 is coming!

Entertainment Tonight on Twitter

The 'Coming to America' sequel is a go and Eddie Murphy and Aresnio Hall are already getting fitted for their costumes!

Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images