Why You Should Not Document Everything...

In today's Dirty Laundry Report, Operation Varsity Blues has me feeling better about GOOP! -LBF

Highlights from Lori Loughlin's daughter's YouTube channel...

Meaghan Mackey on Twitter

Full House star @LoriLoughlin was one of 50 arrested in the largest college admissions cheating scam ever prosecuted in the U.S. She allegedly paid USC $500k for both her daughters to attend. Here is what her daughter @oliviajadee , a YouTube star, said in a recent video https://t.co/4QjE9DK97k

Maybe you should have talked to her about the content knowing what you were up to, Lori! (6-minute mark IF you can last that long- how do people watch this stuff?)


We are back with PART THREE of teaching my mom slang words! i hope you guys love this video and if ya do let me know by subscribing and giving this a huge thumbs up! lets see if we can get this video to 50,000 thumbs up.

William H. Macy said what!?

USA TODAY on Twitter

William H. Macy spoke out just last month about how lies "cost you a lot" and are "never worth" it. https://t.co/GWo5K79Q24

And, Felicity Huffman had a now deleted parenting website?!

Allison Adato on Twitter

If it hasn't been noted already, #FelicityHuffman founded a website that describes itself as "a creative community of mothers on a mission to keep tales about motherhood honest within the digital space." https://t.co/K4ovWyB4iU

In other bad parenting news, Mama June was arrested!

Entertainment Tonight on Twitter

Mama June" Shannon has been arrested on possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia charges. https://t.co/HryhKzfkVk