Watch The Golden Globes with Me Sunday Night!

In today's Dirty Laundry Report, blood clots, cleanses and Golden Globes! -LBF

Alex Trebek... We didn't know?

An Update from Alex Trebek

Alex underwent surgery in late December, but he's already up and around. We'll let him tell you the news... For the latest news and editorial features from Jeopardy! go to Find us on social to keep up with all things #Jeopardy and drop your knowledge into the conversation.

Gywneth Paltrow you're killing me! She recommends you spend $135 on an at-home coffee enema! Get yours at

New York Post on Twitter

Gwyneth Paltrow's New Year's resolution for all her Goop readers? Caffeinate your colon!

The Golden Globes, one of my favorite award ceremonies, are on this Sunday and will be hosted by Seth Meyers. Not sure he'll be Ricky Gervais good?

Keep an eye out for reference to the "Time's Up" campaign.

TIME'S UP on Twitter


I'll be watching and on Facebook- hope to see you there!

Golden Globe Awards on Twitter

We can't wait to see you... and you... and you at the 75th #GoldenGlobes this Sunday! Get ready for it by reminiscing with GIFs from last year's show. Visit our @GIPHY page at to share your favorites. #Globes75