Did You See What's Coming to Netflix?

In today’s Dirty Laundry: $2 million engagement rings, more pervs in Hollywood, a Pete Frates movie and the best commercial ever!-LBF

The new Google home/Home Alone commercial is genius and Macaulay Culkin reprises his role as Kevin McAllister. It’s amazing!

Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant

Even Kevin McCallister needs a little help. Add aftershave to your shopping list, set reminders, and fend off bandits, hands-free: https://assistant.google.com And for a limited time, try these Home Alone Easter eggs on your Google Assistant: - Hey Google, how much do I owe you? - Hey Google, did I forget something?

Eliza Dushku sues CBS for sexual harassment, settles for $9.5 million and the guy who was sexually harassing her is still on the job. Shame on CBS. Read her great Op Ed in the Boston Globe.

Boston Globe Opinion on Twitter

@elizadushku responds to what happened at CBS: "I took a job and because I did not want to be harassed, I was fired." https://t.co/gLeqETjRj7

Paris Hilton is keeping her $2 million engagement ring which I think she got for free anyway.

TMZ on Twitter

Paris Hilton's Got Some Bad News For Her Ex ... She's Keeping the Rock! https://t.co/y99sygNAFn

And Pete Frates, who raises millions of dollars for ALS research, is getting a movie made about his life on Netflix!

Boston Globe Sports on Twitter

New: The @PeteFrates3 story is going to be a movie. @Dan_Shaughnessy has learned that @Netflix is developing a feature film about Frates. https://t.co/EUzZV9NPIZ