I Got Ben and Jen News!

In today's Dirty Laundry Report, Jennifer Garner and I should be best-friends and guys KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON! -LBF

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are spending Thanksgiving together. I love her!

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Jennifer Garner talks getting the whole family together & cooking for Thanksgiving! https://t.co/1JpyA2QVRB https://t.co/SDw9z3SLK4

Charlie Rose, who I believe is the worst interviewer ever, has been accused of sexual harassment by 8 former employees. He thought they were "pursuing shared feelings." Come on guys. We do not want to see you naked!

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My statement in full.

Looks like John Oliver was on to something with his bit CBS This Mornings Awkward Sex Talk...

And now - CBS This Mornings awkward sex talk

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Beyonce tops the list of highest paid female musicians. She's awesome!

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Forbes has crowned Beyonce as the highest paid woman in the music industry ???? https://t.co/rL0BWZnFRK https://t.co/joHm1OULS6

Taylor Swift sold a LOT of albums!

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In addition to a Billboard No. 1 - "Reputation" sold more than the rest of this week's Billboard 200 chart combined https://t.co/VByQiskYmq